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Tent Photography Stuido & Lighting Kit

This Photography Studio Light Box/Tent would be a great addition to your studio. The light tent, makes it easy to take professional digital photos of products and items. Not only does the material of the tent provide a background for the subject, but it also filters the light from the source, creating a very even, almost shadow-free light across objects inside the tent. This helps to decrease harsh shadows and reflections on shiny objects, such as metal or glass, and gives a clean, crisp backdrop to all items. Its special nylon fabric diffuses the external light, softens shadow, and reduces glare to create the perfect result.

Key features:

  • Photo Studio Light Box quick and easy to assemble -  Five (5) 24” steel rod frames covered with two (2) layers of top quality translucent white cloth, attached the full length of each edge with permanently affixed Velcro. Disassembly is just as quick.
  • Backdrops are snap to change – each attaches with full width Velcro strips.
  • High output halogen 120v 50w photo lamps produce excellent color temperature and clarity.  Include integrated UV-stop Cover Lenses.
  • Lamp tripod feet retract - Lamps may be hand held, or used sitting on tripod stands.
  • Camera monopod stand extends between 10-1/2 Inches and 16-1/2 Inches, and pivots forward or backwards full range 180 degrees.
  • Backdrop material is non-reflective, eliminating glare and uneven lighting.
  • Softens and diffuses light, eliminating shadows and hot spots, for perfect professional quality photographs.
Package Includes:

1x 24" Square Photo Light Box
4x Seamless Non-Reflective Backdrops (black, white, red, blue)
2x Tripod Footed Halogen 120v 50w photo lamps
1x Camera monopod with sturdy non-slip hands free stand


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