NITECORE MH40S 1500 Lumen Long Throw Rechargeable Flashlight


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NITECORE MH40S 1500 Lumen Long Throw Rechargeable Flashlight

Product Description:
Nitecore is bringing the long handle, ultra long throw flashlight back in style with the MH40S. The 1500 lumen max MH40S equipped with a Lumingen G9 LED is capable of a beam throw of over 1640 yards, almost a full mile! The MH40S comes with all the accessories to be a dedicated hunting flashlight, patrol light, or search and rescue beacon. The innovative wireless pressure switch that can be attached to any platform with a hook-and-loop pad, strap or rail adapter while you can still power on and off the flashlight with the tail switch and adjust modes and brightness with the large side switch.The MH40S comes with two 5000mAh high capacity rechargeable batteries for a combined 10,000mAh that can power the MH40S for over 105 hours. Additionally, the batteries can be directly fast charged via the MH40S's USB-C charging port using the included QC3.0 adapter in less than 3 hours. There are two ways to read power levels. The LED indicators under the side switch can be activated to identify battery levels, or the MH40S has a built in low power vibration warning that will "bzzt" at 10% remaining power. Rated IP68 waterproof and made of tough aero grade aluminum the MH40S is the ultimate flashlight for the largest open space outdoors.


• Luminengin G9 LED
• Maximum Brightness: 1500 lumen
• Peak Beam Distance: 1640 yards
• Peak Beam Intensity: 570000 cd
• IP Rating: IP68
• Impact Resistance: 1 m

Brightness & Runtimes:
• Turbo: 1500 / - -
• High: 500 / hr
• Mid: 150 / hr
• Low: 18 / hr
• Strobe: 1500 / - -
• Dimensions: L-10.08"xW-2.56"xH-1"
• Weight: 8.67oz

• 1500 lumen max
• 1640 yard beam throw
• Wireless pressure switch
• 10000mAh battery long runtime

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