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Pro-Flex Roller Dolly Kit for DSLR / Video 

Professional mini roller dolly setup with flexible skate, articulating arm, and detachable selfie stick.

Articulating arm is perfect for LED light, LCD monitor or flash light, etc. on cameras.

One side has 1/4" screw connecting to fit camera, lamp holder and other accessories.
Other side is hot shoe square mount that can be easily mounted onto your DSLR. Hot shoe mount is removable allowing for another 1/4" screw, making both ends 1/4" screw for connecting various other equipment pieces.

  • Universal mounting options for DSLR and GoPro
  • 1/4" screw adapter to fit camera, lamp holder and other accessories.
  • Articulating design, with one knob that locks all positions.
  • Durable design with professionals in mind

Package includes:

  • Flexible Camera Skate 
  • 11 inch Articulating Magic Arm 
  • Handheld Monopod / Selfie Stick for 


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