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Color: Black
Item size: 14cm * 9.5cm * 5.5cm
LED quantity: 160 pieces
Total power: 9.6W
Voltage: 7.2V-8.4V
Color temperature: 3200-5400K
High quality, imported LED lighting wafers
Long lifespan (Up to 50000 hours)
Stable color temperature after long periods of use.
Automatic IT circuit control support
Utilizes imported IC technology
Large brightness range
Low power consumption.
Rotate switch for on/off and brightness adjustment.
Compatible with different kinds of battery:
Panasonic D series (D08S16S28S54S)
Sony FM series (FM50M55HM500HM71DM91D)
F series F550570770960970 )
FV series FV50V70V90 )
FH series FH50H60H70H90H100 )
OR Batteries 6 AA batteries (Note: Batteries are not included.)

Can be installed on All Standard ISO 518-2006 hot shoe Cameras like Canon, Nikon, Sigma Olympus, Pentax, PANASONIC, HITACHI, JVC, SAMSUNG, FISHER, and other Camcorders.

It consists of 160 LEDs, with mighty power and balanced luminance. Matched with a diffuser and two filters, it can adjust the color temperature of the light. Matched with fixing screws, it can adjust illumination direction of LED lighting. With shoe adapter, it can be used to connect the LED lighting and camera apparatus. 

Package Content:
1 x HD-160 Led light
3 x Diffuser



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