Leofoto LS Series Tripod Bottom Legs Accessories


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For LS-223C/223CEX
For LS-224C
For LS-225C/225CEX
For LS-253CM
For LS-254C
For LS-255C/255CEX
For LS-283CM
For LS-284C/284CEX
For LS-285C/285CEX
For LS-323C
For LS-324C/324CEX
For LS-325C/325CEX
For LS-364C
For LS-365C/365CEX

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Leofoto LS Series Tripod Bottom Legs Accessories

Product Description:
Leofoto has brought to you spare replaceable tripod bottom legs so that you can change them anytime, anywhere. Most tripods have telescopic legs which can be extended. These tubular legs are divided into sections, each with a circumference slightly bigger or smaller than the other. When the legs are extended or retracted, these sections slide into or over one another. The more sections the legs have, the longer they can extend.


  • 1xLeg
  • 1xFoot
  • 1xShim
  • 1xTwist Lock

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