Leofoto LQ-284C Tripod with LH-30 Ball Head Kit Carbon Fiber

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Leofoto LQ-284C Tripod with LH-30 Ball Head Kit Carbon Fiber

Product Description:

  1. Central locking system. Five-axis high-speed precision carving, 0.5mm pitch rectangular display processing of the central control locking knob, feel good bold "Q"-shaped opening design, rotating half a circle can complete the elastic shape design is equally clever, the curved handle surrounds the circular base, takes up no space
  2. Safety buckle for the central control and 1/ 4 "hole for a screw The safety buckle can be pushed to remove the center axis or panel using the five-axis linkage technique. a quarter "The extension screw hole may be utilized with the Leofoto AM-1 or AM-2 series magic hands to simultaneously photograph cameras and mobile phones.
  3. 3/8 inch "screw hole with anti-rotation. Mr.Q adds a 3/ 8 to the equation "On the other side, there is an extension screw hole. Both sides include an anti-rotation mechanism, and they may be used with the AM-3 or AM-4 high-lock magic hands, an external IPAD, a flash, or other heavy equipment for speedy shooting.
  4. Asymmetrical design for the handheld position. Because the head end of the tripod head set is normally heavier when it is put into the tripod bag, the handheld position employs an asymmetrical design, so the weight at both ends is roughly balanced and the load is decreased.
  5. It combines the powerful functionalities of the LM series with the compact and portable attributes of the LS series to attain the cross-border peak.
  6. 3 screws can be removed from the axile panel. Screws 1 and 2 can be adjusted down to keep the panel from rotating, while screw 3 can be moved up to keep the head from rotating.


  • Maximum Height: 1285mm-1580mm
  • Minimum Height: 155mm
  • Max Load: 10kg
  • Folded Length: 580mm
  • Leg Sections: 4
  • Weight: 1.53kg
  • 10x Carbon Fiber Legs
  • Twist Leg Locks
  • Arca-Type Compatible LH-30 Ball Head
  • Includes Quick Release Plate
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