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These lens bags are designed specifically to carry on your waist belt or harness. Folks also like using these for anti-shock protective cases while traveling.

  • External material is waterproof and super durable.
  • The inside material is shock-proof sponge material which provides great protection.
  • 15mm thick: 3-5x the normal thickness of lens bags for ultimate protection
  • Belt loop for attaching to your belt or pretty much anything.
  • Strong Velcro makes it easy to attach
  • 2-Way Zipper for easy opening
  • Material: Nylon + Sponge + Fiber + Plastic
  • NOTE: Only size 4-7 have "D Ring"
  • NOTE: sizes 6 & 7 come with a bonus shoulder strap

Please be sure to double-check the of the lens you're ordering for and be sure the lens bag dimensions correlate.

Sizes Available:

  • W 3.14" x H 3.75"  (Size 2) 18-55mm Lens
  • W 3.35" x H 5.5"  (Size 3)  18-135mm Lens
  • W 3.35" x H 6.3"  (Size 4)  24-105mm Lens
  • W 4.15" x H 5.9" (Size 5)  24-70mm Lens
  • W 4.3" x H 7.5" (Size 6)  70-300mm Lens 
  • W 4.3" x H 9" (Size 7)  70-200mm Lens

NOTE: Individual Lens bag only. Belt sold separately.


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