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At some point in shooting, we utilize lens hoods to either enhance our shot or protect our lenses. But with our Universal Lens Hood, you're able to do both simultaneously... all the time.

Introducing S|54 and M|72, the world's first ever all-fitting, multi-functional lens hoods... working with nearly ANY size lens, ANY focal length and holding ANY size circular filter.

  • With one hand, collapse it in a millisecond to pack and store virtually anywhere…
  • Fold it down as needed to prevent vignetting or dark spots from appearing in the corners of your frame, even when using your widest angled lens…
  • It’s easier to install, never falls off and quicker to remove than all other lens hoods…
  • You can fold it down even further to better protect your lens while still having total access to the dials, switches and rings.
  • By wedging into it any size circular filter, it enables you to use your largest circular filter with your smallest size lens…. 
  • You can also press it against glass surfaces to completely remove reflections and glares from your shot.
  • It’s protected by our Lint Resistant Coating and insured with our Lifetime Replacement Warranty. 

Now travel with less gear and less stress knowing you can remove any glare or reflection from any shot, enhance your photos using any sized circular filter with any sized lens and still have the added protection wanted against the elements... So regardless of your setup, shooting style or situation, you're KUVRD. 

S|54 (SMALL) is designed to fit 99% of smaller camera lenses, perfect for micro 4/3 lenses, mirrorless camera lenses, vintage lenses, smaller range finder lenses and SLRs lenses!

M|72 (MEDIUM) is designed to fit 99% of larger camera lenses, perfect for DSLR and mirrorless camera lenses, cine-lenses, medium format lenses and larger super telephoto lenses.

It doesn’t take a lot of time in using a conventional lens hood before realizing there are a lot limitations with them; they’re bulky and take up tons of space in your bag, they’re hard to twist on and off, easily lost, they prevent you from using filters, on and on the list goes.

The idea behind the Universal Lens Hood line was to eliminate common inconveniences that photographers face... that really we dealt with when using traditional lens hoods.

Do you want a lens hood that actually fits ALL of your lenses, works with ANY sized ND/CPL filter, isn’t bulky and actually folds to fit anywhere in your bag, is quicker & easier to put on than traditional lens hoods and doesn’t fall off when bumped so its never lost, never creates dark spots in the corners of your frame, completely removes reflection/glare when shooting through windows and glass, is easy to clean and allows 24/7/365 access to the adjustment controls and switches on your lens, is sturdy and strong and protects your lens in any temperature or environment and comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty?

Then our Universal Lens Hood is for you!


  • Fits 99% of Lenses (Universal).
  • Foldable and stows anywhere (Packable).
  • Faster and easier to put on than normal lens hoods (Efficient).
  • Never falls off = Never lose it (Secure).
  • Works with & holds any circular filter (Multi-Functional).
  • No Dark Spots / Vignetting in corners of frame. (Time Saver).
  • Removes glare & reflections when shooting through glass (Enhancer).
  • 24/7/365 Access to adjustment dials and switches on your lens, no matter how you install it (Complete Control).
  • Protects against the elements (Added Defense).

S|54 & M|72 are guaranteed to perform under the toughest conditions nature might throw at you. But if you have any issues, no sweat. We'll replace any of them for free... forever. 

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