Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Since the products reach you directly from the supplier, enormous savings are achieved in terms of transport and storage costs. This means that shipping is included for FREE on every order. As the shipping is free the delivery time is longer than you may be used to, but you have the most affordable prices.

Due to a change of supplier, there may be delays in the delivery of certain products. We are sorry about that.


Our suppliers processes orders between Monday and Friday. Orders are processed within 2 working days and dispatched the next day. The supplier does not deliver on weekends. In situations where there is high demand for products, processing time may take more than 3 days.


* Delivery times are not guaranteed, these are estimated.


Please check that all shipping information is correct. In the event of incorrect or missing information, we are forced to contact you. This can delay your order. Delays can also be caused by customs.