Where are Kuvrd Camera products made and how much do they cost?

Where are Kuvrd Camera products made and how much do they cost?

Brian Mathers

So you have probably purchased a few Camera Len’s in the past. And you have probably dropped one at some point…painful to say yes but we have all done it…or at least knocked one over or treated a little more harsh then we would normally treat our camera equipment (did I capture every reader?!?!? We hope so…if you have never done this you are brand new, or we need to swap some genes!). It happens…I hate to inform you but if you’re reading this…you’re a human…and things happen to all of us! 😊

Getting to the point, we have all wished we had that extra protection for our camera gear. Kuvrd Camera saw this and that is why they designed the Kuvrd Camera products. The most common of those products is the Universal lens cover/protector – which now comes in two sizes the magnum and the micro. We will dive into these after we cover costs.

How much do the lens covers cost? Pro tip, purchase them in packs of two – way cheaper per cover and if you lose one you have a spare or you can put one on the front and one on the back of your lens to completely cover and offer a bit of water resistance if put on correctly.

We will go over the costs for packs of two for the three universal lens covers:

Pack of two KUVRD Universal Rubber Lens Cap (v1): $30.00 – $35.00 (we are often slightly more as we include shipping)

Pack of two KUVRD Micro OR Magnum (v2) Universal Lens Cap: $30.00 – $35.00 (we are often slightly more as we include shipping)

Kuvrd Camera has also launched their Universal lens hood. These are not quite as prominent in the market as the lens covers but nevertheless you can pick up the small or medium for $25.00 USD for a single pack or a two pack of the small or medium universal lens hood for $45.00 USD.

We are not going to dive into the does and do nots with these products as there is plenty of information out there and we prefer to let you make your own choice on which equipment is best for you.

What we will cover is where the Universal Lens Hoods and Covers are made. These products are made in China. They are shipped to USA in bulk, then distributed to the resellers such as The Camera Gear Store – yes we just inserted a marketing plug! 😊

We do not know what the working conditions ect are like where this product is made but judging by the positive things we see when working with Kuvrd Camera we trust they are holding their manufacturer to the same standards. We would say that we have a very good working relationship with Kuvrd Camera and the owner/founder Cary Decker. He is not aware that we are writing this blog…but…he runs on good business principals. He is a go getter, a straight shooter and keeps his word. In short, we really enjoy working with Cary and Kuvrd Camera.  

This is the kind of manufacturer The Camera Gear Store loves to partner with as we share many of the same values and hold our selves to a very high standard. We trust you found some value in this read, we will catch you on the flip side! 😊