The Best Macro Lens, or for SEO Purposes Macro Lens Best :)

The Best Macro Lens, or for SEO Purposes Macro Lens Best :)

Brian Mathers

You most likely know what macro photography is, and now you are looking to purchase a macro lens but you are not 100% sure which direction to go…well, we are going to try and help you out here! We are going to go over a few general points, we are going to discuss Macro Lens Adapters, and then we will back off and let you make the decision for what is best for you! :)

So, for starters generally when you are looking for the best of anything you do have a budget in mind. Speaking from experience we look for the best product for the best price available…but that could just be us! :) 

Unfortunately we do not have a crystal ball which can tell us which is the best Macro Lens or again for SEO purposes Macro Lens best for you, but what we can do is go over the things that we feel are the most important when looking at a macro lens.

First things first, what are you planning to shoot? Are you a tiny object up close kinda photographer or are you a stand back a bit give everyone and everything some space kind of photographer? We hope that you have an answer in your head, if your not sure…no worries we hope to clear the air soon. 

The reason we asked the above questions is that the answer to this will determine what focal length of lens you should look at for Macro photography. In general macro photography is in close quarters but it does range from 6” away to several feet away.

If you are wanting to shoot objects normally items that do not move or can run away you will want to look between 40mm and 60mm focal length. This range will provide excellent results when you are able to be within 6 or so inches of the subject. Not such a good idea if you are trying to photograph insects or things that can move or be scared with a human looming over them. 

The next sort of range is a middle of the road range. The general focal length range is 90mm to 105mm. This means you would need to be around 1 foot or more away from whatever or whomever you are shooting. Many people use these lenses for insects, flowers and small details of nature. You could use this for portrait photography but keep in mind you are going to be right up in the subject face which can be intimidating for some. 

Let’s move onto the longer focal length of 150mm - 200mm. This focal length is good for farther away subjects. These lenses provide that ‘safe zone’ or air space between you and whatever you are shooting. This works great for portrait photography if you are a need my personal space type of photographer or if your subject is the need my kind of space subject, i.e. animals, birds, many people! :)

Let’s discuss your budget or how much you can plan to spend on macro lenses. For a brand name prime or zoom macro lens you can be as low as $250.00 ish to well over 2k. If you just gasped or cringed at how you are going to justify this, do not worry there is another way to get started! 

DSLR Macro Lens adapters. Lens adapters can get you into macro photography for between $50.00 and $200.00 depending on what you are going for. These lens adapters simply mount onto your regular camera lens and turn it into a macro lens. Of course there are limitations with the macro lens adapters but it is an awesome way to experiment for a fairly low cost of entry into the Macro photography world. The macro lens adapters do have many plus sides, for starters you are not carrying around another lens with you, it is simply an adapter that fits onto your existing standard lens. Secondly they are small, and light weight. Thirdly the cost again, a fraction of the price and if you decide the macro photography is not for you, you are not stuck with a large sum of money invested. 

The drawbacks are that they are not always as good as a proper macro lens. The shot may not have that incredible clarity to it an expensive lens will…but look at the price difference! A macro lens adapter is fairly easy to lose, as well as damage because they are small but again look at the cost difference…

We know this may not have given you the holy grail of answers but we hope you have more knowledge and a better understanding of what you should be looking for based on what your needs are. Now, as promised we are backing off and letting you decide what is best for you!