How much is the Sirui 3T-R Remote Control Tripod?

How much is the Sirui 3T-R Remote Control Tripod?

Anamika Hossain

It's easy to find a remote control tripod that supports Sony cameras on the market, but getting one that supports few camera brands is not that easy. SIRUI conducted extensive market research and summarized valuable user feedback, based on which it released the long-awaited 3T-R remote control tripod, an ideal solution for vloggers. 
The price of this tripod is $99.00 USD. This price includes shipping and warranty.

Solid Build Quality:
Engineered with aluminum alloy instead of the commonly used plastic, the 3T-R remote control tripod is of greater stability and durability.

Ball Head with Square Quick Release Plate:
3T-R comes with a ball head that can be adjusted for multi-angle shooting. The quick release plate is designed in a square shape so that it can be attached or removed in a quick and simple way.

Versatile Accessory Port:
A variety of accessories can be connected to the tripod via the 1/4” screw port to form a powerful setup.

Details Speak Loud:
The grip is smoothly contoured for added comfort. There are built-in magnets in each of the legs, preventing the legs from opening up. In addition, the rubber feet of the legs guarantee a firm hold on the ground.

Paring Steps:

This ends the intro part of the Sirui 3T-R Remote Control Tripod. Now, its time to make your valuable decision to purchase this product.