How much is the LEOFOTO LP Poseidon Series Tripod?

How much is the LEOFOTO LP Poseidon Series Tripod?

Brian Mathers

You most likely have found yourself down the path of trying to figure out which tripod will work for you and you have landed on the LP Poseidon Series tripod from Leofoto, and now you are wondering how much it costs.

Well, in this article we are going to go over some of the background of the LP Poseidon Series tripods and then we will cover the deets of each tripod in the series. 

You can expect to pay $379.00 USD up to 539.00 USD for the Poseidon series tripods The price varies depending on whether you are purchasing just the tripod or if you are purchasing the tripod as a kit with a ball head. 

Let us quickly cover what makes the LP Poseidon Series tripods unique. The Leofoto LP Poseidon series is water and sand/dust proof as well as corrosion resistant. These three attributes should help back up the point that this tripod is designed for use near water. 

The reason for water resistance is to keep the moisture out of the joins and crevices that are in every tripod. Being waterproof naturally leads to being sand/dust proof. This means that it is maintenance free saving you time and energy on cleaning and maintaining your tripod. 

Corrosion resistance is achieved with the tripod feet and components that hold the feet being titanium. Titanium is one of the toughest metals known to man that is why we can say the Poseidon series is corrosion resistant. The reason that the rest of the tripod is not made out of titanium is that typically when shooting a scene or subject near water it is only your tripod feet that are submerged in water. 

There are two tripods in the Leofoto Poseidon series. We will cover the details of both below, but before we get started there are a few things that are the same on both tripods. Firstly, they are both blue in color with black components and head. There is a special edition that has more blue than the other two, namely the tripod head. Both tripods are a 4-section carbon fiber leg construction. 

Jumping into the specifics of the two different tripods in the Poseidon series. The below specifications are with the ball head included, prices are reflected with and without the ball head. 

LP-284C, this comes with and without the LH-30 Tripod ball head. Without the ball head you are looking at $379.00 USD. With the LH-30 tripod ball head you are looking at $429.00 USD. The LP-284C has a max working height of 50.79”, with the lowest working height being 6.3”. When the LP-284C is all packed up is standing 21.26” tall, weighing 3.41lbs. The LP-284C has a max working capacity of 22.05lbs. The top tube diameter is 1.1”.

The larger of the two, LP-324C comes with and without the LH-40 Tripod Ball Head. Without the ball head the price is $449.00 USD. With the LH-40 Ball Head it comes in at $539.00.Max working height of the LP-324C is 54.92” so basically 55” tall. The lowest working height is 6.5”. Total weight of the LP-324C is 4.29lbs with a max working capacity of 33.07lbs. The top tube of the LP-324C is 1.26”, a little thicker than its little brother LP-284C to support that extra height and weight capacity. 

Now as always, we are going to back off and let you decide if the Poseidon tripods are for you.