How much is a LEOFOTO Ranger Series Tripod?

How much is a LEOFOTO Ranger Series Tripod?

Brian Mathers

You have come across or are looking into purchasing a Ranger Series Tripod manufactured by Leofoto, and you are wondering how much does this thing cost!?!

We are here to help with this, we are going to go over a few features of the Leofoto Ranger Series tripods, we will then do a little deeper dive into each tripod within the series. First off let's hit the cost issue on the head. You can expect to pay as little as $99.00 USD up to $549.00 USD. 

The Leofoto Ranger series tripods are designed to be lightweight but strong. They are easy to operate and are intended to be used by photographers that are on the go. The leg length adjustments are easy, the leg adjustments for the angle are easy, and the light/compact design allows it to fit in many backpacks without adding significant stress/burden on the person carrying them. 

This series comes with a full 10-layer carbon fiber leg set up. Depending on the model of tripod you get from this series they stand at different heights and can hold different weights and have a different number of leg sections which all leads to the price varying so much. You are able to switch the ball heads out on the Leofoto Ranger Series as well; there is no center column so the tripod is more compact than some. 

Now that we have briefly covered some details of the series, let's jump into details and costs of each tripod in this series. 

Starting with the LS-223C runs $99.00 USD. If you include the LH-25 ball head the total LS-223C + LH-25 kit costs $129.00 USD. This is one of the smallest tripods standing a mini but mighty 14.57” tall when fully extended while the min working height is 4.65”. When it is all folded up the LS-223C is 10.63” tall weighing in at 1.59lbs but able to hold 22.05lbs. Impressive for a small little guy. 

LS-283CM is a 3 section tripod. Runs $299.00 USD including the LH-30 ball head. Its max working height is 26.77” tall and minimum working height is 5.51” from the ground. All packed up its length is 15.35”, total weight coming in at 2.6lbs. While pretty light it can hold 33.07lbs.

LS-324C is $339.00 USD without the LH-40 ball head. With the LH-40 ball head you are looking at $399.00 for the set. Having 4 section legs it stands 54.92” at its max and 5.51” tall at its minimum. Folded up and ready to travel the LS-324C is 22.44” long and weighs 4.14lbs with a max load capacity of 33.07lbs. 

Moving right along to the LS-365C which comes in at $349.00 USD, you can add the LH-40 ball head to the tripod and get both the LS-365C and LH-40 for $449.00 USD. The LS-365C comes in full camo, which runs you $449.00 for just the tripod. If you want the LH-40 and LS-365C tripod in full camo you are looking at $549.00. The LS-365C tripod stands 63.70” tall at its max and 7.01” tall at its minimum. When stowed it is 22.76” long and weighs 5.29lbs. Max capacity is 44.09lbs.

The LS-362C is the shortest but definitely the toughest coming in at $189.00 for the tripod and if you want the tripod with the LH-40 ball head it is $339.00. Tallest working height of 13.78” and shortest working height of 2.56” tall. All folded up it is 10.24 inches tall and weighs 2.45lbs but can hold 99.2lbs!! Incredible for this size of tripod.

LS-225C is a taller tripod priced at $199.00 this is with the interchangeable center post. If you want the tripod, center post and the LH-25 ball head you are looking at $259.00 USD. Max working height for the LS-225C is 50.39” with a min working height of 4.92”. When all folded away it stands 17.72” tall weighing 2.05lbs with a weight capacity of 8.82lbs. The weight capacity is lower on the LS-225C as it has 5 sections to the leg which make it very compact but you do lose some of your strength when adding sections. 

Lastly but not leastly we have the LS-284CLV. This tripod comes with the center post that is able to be flipped onto its side. With the tripod and this fancy center post you are running $379.00 and if you want to add the LH-30 tripod ball head you are looking at $459.00 USD for the whole kit. The LS-284CVL has a max working height of 60.83” high and a min working height of 2.36” high. It compacts down to 19.69” long and weighs 3.09lbs with a max capacity of 22.05lbs. 

We hope this gives you some insight into the Leofoto Ranger series tripods. Now we will back away and let you decide if this series of tripods is right for you.