How much is a Leofoto Ranger CEX or CEX Ranger Leveling Tripod?

How much is a Leofoto Ranger CEX or CEX Ranger Leveling Tripod?

Brian Mathers

You have most likely done your research or seen a LEOFOTO CEX Ranger Leveling tripod and your thinking to yourself, how much are these things!?! 

The CEX Ranger Leveling tripod made by LEOFOTO ranges from $149.00 USD for the smallest tripod in the Ranger CEX family, up to $1299.00 USD for the largest tripod in full camo with a fancy tripod head on it.

What sets this family of tripods apart is that they all have a leveling head that can adjust +/- 15 degrees. As it is a bowl type head it can move in any direction at any angle or change of angle and provide a smooth change of angle. It does have a locking lever on the side of the head so that you can fix it to one position so your camera is not moving or tipping unwanted. 

With this bowl head on the Ranger CEX tripods there are many advantages but 1 disadvantage that sticks out in our minds. Let's cover the disadvantage first. It is that you cannot use a weight hook off of the bottom of the Ranger CEX tripods. The way they are designed there is a small bolt head on the bottom side that should not be removed as it holds the bowl head in place. We have found that this can be overcome by using a ‘Stone Bag’ so you can still weigh your tripod down with a bit of weight. 

The advantages of the LEOFOTO CEX Ranger tripod series are immense, it is an excellent tripod for sports and nature photography/videography. With the tilting bowl head you do not have to be on perfectly flat ground, and it will still offer that smooth adjustment you may be looking for. 

Let's quickly touch on the bowl head itself and why it demands a little higher price. It comes with a ⅜” mounting stud. There is also a leveling gauge mounted to it to help you ensure you are shooting level even if your tripod is not. There are 3 small screws that are intended to hold whatever accessory you add on top of the tripod. These screws are to be tightened up once the accessory has been mounted to the tripod just to offer you that extra bit of tension to keep it from rotating or changing positions once on the tripod. 

The LS Ranger CEX family is all equipped with 10 layer carbon fiber legs. An aluminum frame around the head. Removable feet, the feet that come with these tripods are metal cores with rubber coating to offer that soft grippy surface. 

Now we are going to go over the specifics of each tripod, there are 8 different tripods in the CEX Ranger series so we are going to go pretty quick. Prices may or may not list options for additional tripod heads. All measurements and weights are given without any additional tripod head. Alright, let’s get started! :)

LS-223 CEX, smallest of the CEX Ranger family. Current price of the LS-223 CEX tripod is $149.00 USD. This tripod has a 3 section leg with a max working height of 12.48” and a minimum working height of 2.87”. When it is packed up it is 8.66” long. Weighing 1.34lbs it can hold 11lbs. 

Next is the LS-225CEX which costs $292.00 USD for only the tripod. You can get it with the LH-30 Tripod head included for $399.00 USD or the LS-225CEX and the BV-1R Head for  $409.00 USD. Max working height without an additional head is 55.12”, min working height is 3.31”. All packed up it stands 17.68” high. Weighing in at 1.94lbs it can hold 8.82lbs. 

LS-255CEX, $359.00 USD, add the LH-36 Head and its $469.00 USD. Tripod and BV-5 Head $489.00 USD. Max working height is 55.35” lowest working height is 3.27”, folded up height is 17.72”. Weighing in at 2.27lbs with a max working load of 13.23lbs. 

Next, LS-285CEX is another 5 section tripod. Rings in at $439.00 USD for the tripod only. LH-36 Head with the tripod is $559.00, if you go with the BV-10 Head and tripod you are looking at $639.00. Max working height is 57.80”, min working height is 4.02”, folded up its $18.74” long. Weighing in at 2.98lbs it can hold 17.64lbs. 

Wheew! Half way through! 

LS-325CEX runs $489.00 USD, add the LH-40 tripod head and your looking at $629.00 USD, if you want LS-323CEX with the BV-10 tripod head your looking at $689.00 USD.Max working height is 57.68”, min height is 3.54”. Stowed length is 19.09”. Weighing in at 3.57lbs with a max capacity of 22.05lbs. 

Our favorite tripod in this family is the LS-365CEX as it comes in camouflage! :) The standard black/carbon fiber look LS-365CEX comes in at $579.00 USD, with the LH-40 head you are looking at $699.00 USD and with the LB-10 head and tripod it is $769.00 USD. If you want the LS-365CEX with the PG-1 Tripod head you are looking at $999.00. The LS-365CEX full camo is $799.00 USD, and with the PG-1 head you are looking at $1299.00. 5 Section tripod with a max working height is 61.22” and min working height is 4.02”. Folded up it stands 20.28” tall. Weighs 4.3lbs with a max capacity of 33.07lbs.

2 Left! Let’s Go! 

LS-284CEX - $429.00 USD, with LH-36 head it is $539.00, with the BV-10 head it is $629.00 USD. 4 section tripod. Max working height is 59.07, lowest working height is 3.35” and when stowed it is 21.06”. Weighing 2.93lbs it can hold up to 22.05lbs. 

Last one!

LS-324CEX - $449.00, add the LH-40 head your at 589.00, add the BV-10 head instead you are at $649.00. These guys are a 4 section tripod, max height clocking in at 60.08”, and min working height of 3.94”. Folded and stowed it stands 22.05” tall and weighs 3.55lbs. Max capacity is 33.07lbs. 

Now that is a log of figures and data but we hope it will help give you a good overview of the LEOFOTO CEX Ranger family. Now, we will back off and let you decide.