How much does Sirui T-04S Series Travel Tripods Cost?

How much does Sirui T-04S Series Travel Tripods Cost?

Anamika Hossain

Traveling presents a whole different set of hurdles when it comes to tripods because regular tripods tend to be big and cumbersome and in some cases heavier than a Rottweiler. When we go on vacation or take a trip to the backcountry, the point is to be pack as much into our smallest bag as possible. Space is at a premium and that is where travel tripods come into play.

Sirui presents T-04S Series Travel Tripods which is the perfect solution to meet the lightweight and stability needs of photographers. The price of these tripods ranges from $139.90 USD to $229.90 USD. This price includes shipping and warranty.

The tripods have magnesium leg socket. The semi-automimic leg angle adjustment selector helps easily adjust the leg angle. Ergonomic Leg Design Provides a comfortable handheld experience. The Center Column included can be split to a long and a short center column to provide the tripod with versatility and stability. It can be moved up or down to adjust the height for shooting as desired. The Short Center Column can be used for low angle shooting. The Center Column can be reversed for low angle or macro shooting. 

  • Foam Grip: Humanized Ant-slipped and Warm Protection design.
  • Carbon Fiber Leg: Lightweight and Anti-vibration.
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy: Tripod legs made with aluminum alloy provides strong stability.
  • Rubber Feet: High Quality Technology, Anti-slipped and Wearproof. 
  • Leg Locking System: Tighten or loosen the Leg Locking Knob by twisting 1/4° turn.
  • Compact 180° Folding Legs: The tripod legs can be folded up 180° for a compact size and put in the carry bag with ball head attached.

Now, let's take a look at the specifications of each tripod.

The black T-004SK Aluminum Tripod with B-00 Ball Head from Sirui is a 4-section support with anodized aluminum legs with magnesium leg sockets. The price of this tripod is $139.90 USD. Unlocking the twist locks with a simple turn enables you to extend the legs; with the rapid center column extended, you can achieve a maximum height of 55.1". With three variable leg angles, the legs splay out completely, and splitting the center column to a shorter half allows the tripod to sit at a minimum height of 5.5". Positioning the tripod back to a normal stance, you can reverse the column and now have your camera literally facing the ground. The tripod is capable of supporting camera gear weighing up to 11 lb. To store or carry the 2.2 lb tripod, the legs fold 180° to a compact 15.7". The B-00 Arca-type compatible head is included with the tripod.

The T-024SK Carbon Fiber Tripod with B-00 Ball Head from Sirui has 10x carbon fiber legs with a magnesium spider, making it a convenient travel-friendly 2.2 lb support. The legs can fold in the reverse to create a compact 15.8" in length, and twist locks on the four-section tripod open with a simple turn to extend the legs along with the rapid center column to maximum height of 58.7". A second, short center column is included, which allows you to drop the tripod to a minimum height of 8.3" without having to lift the column up.
The black Arca-type B-00 ball head makes a good match to tripod and retains the theme of being compact. The ball head supports mirrorless, compact, and small DSLR cameras weighing up to 11 lb. The separate pan lock disengages and allows the head to rotate the 360°. The ball also moves freely after unlocking the head's lever lock, and at the same time, the cut notch on the side of the head permits you to position a camera at a 907° angle. The TY-C10 quick release plate, which has a 1/4"-20 threaded mount, is included with this kit.

This is the introduction to you with these fantastic travel tripods. Now it's time to take your decision on which one to choose!