How much are the Leofoto SO Inverted Tripod Series?

How much are the Leofoto SO Inverted Tripod Series?

Anamika Hossain

Our SO Series Inverted Tripods are the perfect choice for full-sized rearm combos, needed for rock-solid support of full-length rifle chassis, extreme spotting scopes, and large format surveillance equipment. While being incredibly lightweight makes them easy to carry and use the 36/32/28mm with its inverted legs, making the twist-lock mechanism faster and more intuitive for the timed shooter. While staying out of the mud for the predator hunter, and removing unneeded twist-locks/rubber over-molds/etc for the new shooter looking for a higher quality yet affordable tripod.

The Leofoto SO Inverted Tripods cost between $399.00 and $799.00. This price includes delivery and warranty.

Now let's glance a bit at the features of the tripods.

SO Series Inverted tripods by Leofoto are 10 layer carbon fiber tripods that are modular, durable, hefty, and incredibly stable.

The Modular Carbon Tripods are Ergonomically designed for fast setup, durability, and ease of operation, some models can accommodate loads well in excess of 80 lbs! For those that need a tripod that will remain stable under the most exacting conditions, this tripod more than fits the bill.

Inverted Legs Improves Rigidity. New inverted legs increase rigidity while relocating the twist locks to an easier manipulated area while putting the locks further away from harsh outside elements.

We'll now go over the three tripods in this series in further depth, including pricing and specifications. It may be a little technical and boring for some, but we hope we've covered everything you need to know to help you decide which tripod is best for you. As soon as we've finished recapping, we'll step back and let you select which tripod is best for you!


Let us start with the SO-362C tripod. The price for the SO-362C is $609.00 USD. You can buy the SO-362C Tripod with the MA-30 /MA-30L Center Column at $799.00 and $849.00 USD. The SO-362C  has a max working height of 1800mm and a minimum working height of 140mm. When it is all folded up it is 1060mm long and weighs  2.27kg with a max capacity of 40kg.


Next is the Leofoto SO-322C Carbon Fiber Tripod which consists of Rhombus cross pattern tubes made of TORAYCA carbon fiber. The price of this tripod is $469.00 USD. There are ten layers of carbon fiber, all of which are 100 percent carbon fiber. Precision CNC machining of aluminum alloy 6061/7075 67" is the maximum height (1690mm). 5.2" is the minimum height (130mm). 39" folded length (1000mm). 4.18-pound weight (1.88kg) Diameters of the leg sections are 32mm and 36mm, respectively. 66-pound maximum load (30kg). New inverted legs improve rigidity while shifting twist locks to a more easily controlled area and keeping them away from harsh outside factors.


Last but not least is the SO-282C tripod. The price of this tripod is $399.00 USD. The tripod has a load capacity of 25kg, which is suitable for small mirrorless, DSLR, and large format cameras. The leg's 4 sections unlock via twist locks, and the support extends to a maximum working height of 1660mm. Because of its 4 sections, the tripod folds down to a compact 125mm, and only weighs 1.5kg.

That's all there is to say about the three tripods in the Leofoto SO Inverted Tripod series. We hope that this has provided you with sufficient information to make an informed decision. Now, we'll take a step back and give you some breathing room to make your decision.