How much are the LEOFOTO Mr. O / LO Series Tripods?

How much are the LEOFOTO Mr. O / LO Series Tripods?

Brian Mathers

You may have heard some buzz around the Mr. O/LO Tripod series from Leofoto and you are wondering how much they are, well we are here to help you out. Lets kill price and then we will cover the details of the Mr. O / LO series Tripods

The Mr. O/LO series tripod from Leofoto ranges from $399.00 USD - $419.00 USD. 

Now that we have nailed the price range, let's look into some of the cool features of the Mr. O/LO series. The Mr. O series gets its name from the shape of the top clamp. If you look at the clamp from the top it is a perfect circle creating an ‘O” shape.

The beauty of this tripod is that the clamp is very specialized and allows the center column to move up and down as well as providing tilting in any angle you need to take your shot. The only limitation of this hollow ball head swivel on the center post is that with the post in the majority of its lower positions it hits the legs when swiveled too far, but it can go out between the legs. So if your legs are set up in the correct position you are not limited in movement by the legs. 

The hollow ball head system comes with a twist lock which locks the height of the center column and the angle of the column in place. There are two mounting sockets on the side of the ball head. One is a ⅜” female thread and one is a ¼” thread to add your accessories right to your tripod. 

The legs for this series of tripods are constructed out of 10 layer carbon fiber like all of the other LEOFOTO tripods. A very strong construction but the 10 layer carbon fiber system Leofoto uses is exceptionally light. 

The last but not least awesome feature of the Mr. O/LO series tripod is that you can remove and invert the center column. This is perfect for macro photography.

Now that we have covered the main features of this series let us jump into the specifics of the tripods in this series.

First off lets go over the LO-284C, this tripod runs $399.00. Standing at its talles operating height it stands 60” tall with the lowest working height being 4.65”. When it is all packed up it stands 10.63”, weighing in at 2.91lbs. Max working weight capacity is 26.46lbs. 

Moving onto the largest tripod of the family, the LO-324C runs $419.00 USD. Its max working height is 64” high. Minimum working height is 4.65”, and when all folded up it stands 10.63” tall. With a total weight of 3.64lbs. Weight capacity is 33.07lbs. 

Both of the above tripods come with a short center column that allows for the lowest shooting height. So you will have to remove the longer center column and replace it with the shorter column to get those low shots. 

We hope the above information will help you decide if this tripod is for you. Now as we always do we will back away and let you decide which route you should take! :)