How much are the Leofoto LX Urban Series Tripods?

How much are the Leofoto LX Urban Series Tripods?

Brian Mathers

Most likely you have found yourself caught in a bind trying to figure out how much you should be paying for a tripod and you have come across so many brands and styles and types and you just want to know the dog on price! Ok, we got you! We are going to go over the price and then a little bit about why the price.

The Leofoto LX Urban series tripods cost between $279.00 and $479.00. This price includes delivery and warranty. 

Let’s jump into a little bit of the why on the cost. 

The Leofoto Urban LX series is a lighter weight tripod designed for traveling. They are light, they are compact, and they are pretty tough! But the coolest feature we see is that the legs fold right back on themselves to protect that ball head and center column but also shrink up the tripod so it can fit in a fairly small bag or area. As well, with the legs that can fold over 180 degrees you can use the tripod for macro photography as it allows you to hang your camera upside down to get really close to your subjects. 

The ball head that comes standard with the Leofoto Urban Lx series comes standard with a friction knob to limit or increase ease of movement of the ball head. 

The legs are made from the standard Leofoto 10 layer carbon fiber. On one leg of every Urban Lx tripod there is a rubber grip to make the tripod easier to hold onto when the weather may not be so favorable or you are climbing over that pesky boulder that made you trip! :)

Last but not least this tripod has an interchangeable mounting stud. You can switch between ⅜” and ¼” mounting stud with just a quick rotation of the mounting platform. 

We are now going to go over the 6 tripods in this series in a little more detail, including price and the specifications. It may be a little deep and boring for some but we hope we are covering the necessary information to assist you in making a decision as to which tripod is right for you. As soon as we are done with the recap we are going to back away and let you decide which tripod is right for you! 

Let us start with the LX-224CT tripod. This tripod comes with the XB-32Q Tripod head. The package price for the LX-224CT+XB-32Q is $289.00 USD. The LX-224CT has a max working height of 51.18” and a minimum working height of 7.09”. When it is all folded up it is 14.57” long and weighs 2.47lbs with a max capacity of 17.64lbs.

LX-225CT+XB-32Q head is $299.00. This is the tripod, center column and ball head. Max working height is 53.70” tall with a min working height of 7.09”. All folded up it is 12.80” long and weighs 2.45lbs. Max working capacity is 13.23lbs. This is the lightest weight tripod of the family.

The LX-255CT tripod with the XB-32 ball head is $389.00 USD. Stands 54.72” at its max and 7.87” at its min working height. When folded up it is 14.17” tall and weighs 2.93lbs. Max working capacity is 17.64lbs. 

Half way! Pheew! 

LX-254CT+XB-32 tripod and tripod head are $349.00 USD. If you want just the LX-254CT tripod it is $279.00 USD. Max working height of 64.17” with a min working height of 7.87”. Folded up it compresses down to 17.72” long and weighs 3.11lbs. Max capacity is 17.64lbs. 

The LX-284CT+XB-38 tripod and tripod head are $429.00 USD. This tripos stands at 66.42” at its tallest and 8.86” at its lowest. When compacted it is 18.50” tall weighing 3.66lbs. With a max load capacity of 22.05lbs. 

Last but not least is the LX-324CT+XB-38 tripod and tripod ball head coming in at $479.00 USD. The LX-324CT has a max working height of 66.31” and a min working height of 8.66”. When folded up on itself it stands 19.09” tall and weighs 4.43lbs. With a max capacity of 33.07lbs. 

That sums up the 6 tripods in the Leofoto LX Urban series. We hope this gives you enough information to make an informed decision. Now, as promised we will back away and allow you some space to make that choice.