How much are the Leofoto LN Mountain Series Tripods?

How much are the Leofoto LN Mountain Series Tripods?

Brian Mathers

Most likely, you've found yourself in a bind trying to figure out how much a tripod should cost, and you've come across a plethora of brands, designs, and varieties, and all you want to know is the dog on pricing! Okay, we've got you covered! We'll go over the cost and then talk about why the cost is so high.

The Leofoto LN Mountain Series Tripods cost between $549.00 and $649.00. This price includes delivery and warranty.

Let's take a closer look at why the price is a bit higher than other tripods.

Mountain tripods by Leofoto are 10 layer carbon fiber tripods that are modular, durable, hefty, and incredibly stable.

Twist-lock leg systems are standard on all of them. They have an incredibly low minimum height in their basic arrangement, allowing the photographer to descend down to the ground with the camera. They may be modified to a tripod with a center column or a tripod with a balancing half bowl very quickly.

Mountain tripods are ideal for individuals who require absolute stability with no compromises, such as those who utilize heavy equipment, as well as shooters looking for a modular tripod.

A friction knob is included with the ball head that comes standard with the Leofoto LN Mountain Series to limit or increase the ease of movement of the ball head.

Legs are composed of Leofoto's typical 10 layer carbon fiber. Every LN Mountain Series tripod has a rubber grip on one leg to make it easier to grab onto when the weather isn't cooperating or you're climbing over that pesky pebble that caused you to trip!

We'll now go over the three tripods in this series in further depth, including pricing and specifications. It may be a little technical and boring for some, but we hope we've covered everything you need to know to help you decide which tripod is best for you. As soon as we've finished recapping, we'll step back and let you select which tripod is best for you!

Let us start with the LN-404C tripod. This tripod comes with a Carry Case, Strap, Spikes, 100mm Bowl & Toolkit. The price for the LN-404C is $649.00 USD. You can buy the LN-404C Tripod with the DC-404C Center Column at $699.95. The LN-404C  has a max working height of 1910mm and a minimum working height of 115mm. When it is all folded up it is 700mm long and weighs  3.4kg with a max capacity of 50kg. The Tube diameter of DC-404C is 32mm. The length is 425mm and the weight is 510g. The base diameter is 65mm.

Next is the Leofoto LN-364C Carbon Fiber Tripod has 10 layers of Torayca carbon fiber, used to construct its legs, along with 6061 and 7075 CNC machined aluminum hardware. The price of this tripod is $499 USD. You can buy the tripod with LH-55 Ball Head at $699.00 USD.  The tripod has a load capacity of 77.2 lb, which is suitable for small mirrorless, DSLR, and large format cameras. The leg's 4 sections unlock via twist locks, and the support extends to a maximum working height of 63". Because of its 4 sections, the tripod folds down to a compact 22.8", and only weighs 5.7 lb.

Last but not least is the professional Leofoto Mountain LN-324C carbon stand which is an extremely strong tripod for everyday use. The price of this tripod is $549.00 USD. This classic carbon stand has a maximum carrying weight of 25 kilos and a maximum working height of 149 centimeters. These rock-solid Mountain tripods are used by professional photographers and videographers who must be able to trust their tripod. Strong enough to mount a medium or large format camera, or professional video camera.

That's all there is to say about the three tripods in the Leofoto LN Mountain series. We hope that this has provided you with sufficient information to make an informed decision. Now, as promised, we'll take a step back and give you some breathing room to make your decision.