How much are GoPro Accessories for Running/Jogging and where to purchase?

How much are GoPro Accessories for Running/Jogging and where to purchase?

Brian Mathers

You are most likely a runner, and you have seen some pretty neat things on your run, but have not had time to grab your phone before they were gone and you have missed the moment. So you are thinking to yourself, how do I mount a GoPro to myself so I can capture footage while I run!?!?

Well, this is a good question. We are going to go over a few of the GoPro Accessories for running that are on the market, and then we will back off and let you decide which one(s) will work best for you! 

We see two main players in this conversation. There are head straps, and chest straps. To get past the price side of things first you can purchase a GoPro head strap for running for around the $15.00+ mark. You can purchase a chest strap for $15.00+ as well. Now there are many variations when it comes to the head and chest straps for using a GoPro while running.

Let’s start with the head strap for running/jogging with a GoPro on. There are quite a few head straps or mounts for GoPro cameras. A few things we would suggest you watch out for are, is the head strap meant to go over a hardhat or helmet? If this is the case, it may not have the padding or added comfort you need to be able to run with it on. If the head strap for your GoPro is simply just that, a strap to go around your head, we would caution you as it may lead to bruising or scraping of your skin. If you are serious about running with a gopro mounted to your head there are head straps that have a bit of padding or rubber around them to make wearing them more comfortable. Again, with the rubber you are potentially looking at some discomfort. Fabric is the more comfortable option, but you have to consider the need to wash it every so often if you sweat while running. 

The last thing to consider before purchasing a head mount/strap for your GoPro for when you are running is, are you prepared to have the weight of a GoPro on your head for the duration of your run? If you are running 10 maybe 20 minutes that is a whole different story then running several hours…just something to think about as it can lead to sores if not mounted properly or worn for too long. 

Moving onto chest straps to mount your GoPro to when you are running/jogging. Again, there are many different styles of chest straps. Most have adjustments, some are elastic. Some have a single band to go around your chest, others are like a front backpack type strap. It all depends on how much you want to spend and how comfortable you want to be on your run/jog! 

Much like the head mounts or straps, these chest straps for GoPros can come as just plain straps, some can come with a foam or rubber to make them more comfortable. The biggest thing that we would like you to think about is, where does this strap go on my body? Is it in a rub spot? I.e close to your armpit? Does it go over or under the main portion of the chest? Is there an opportunity for it to rub there with movement? What we are getting to is getting the correct fit. You will want to be wary of chest straps that are a single band around the chest if you are a heavy runner or plan to run for a long time as this single strap can start to chafe and cause sores if all the weight of the GoPro is on the single strap around the chest. There are more comfortable options that have straps to go up and over the shoulders to bear some of the weight but again consider the questions above to ensure it will fit properly. 

In short, a strap on the head or chest with a GoPro mounted for running will take some time to get used to and your body may take a few runs/jogs for it to build up calluses where those touch points are. It will be different for every person and you will have to find what works for you! 

Now we will do as promised. We are going to back off and let you decide what works best for you!