How Much are Feisol Tripods and Where are Feisol Tripods Made?

How Much are Feisol Tripods and Where are Feisol Tripods Made?

Brian Mathers

You have most likely stumbled across the tripod brand Feisol and are wondering to yourself how much are these things and where are they made?!?!

Well let us help you out! The Feisol tripods range from $79.95 USD for a mini tripod all the way up to $794.95 for a large and incharge tripod. 

All of the Feisol tripods are made in Taiwan.

Now that we got the quick answers out of the way let's dive a little deeper into the why of the cost for these tripods.

The Feisol company originally started out making components for tripods. They started by making carbon fiber legs for tripods for other companies. As they saw the demand growing for their great quality products they saw an opportunity to create their own brand of tripods and market them globally. Feisol seized this opportunity with both hands and that is why they are manufacturing complete tripods today. 

Feisol would not be a world leader in tripods at the moment but they are catching up quickly as they create new and better tripods. Feisol has caught up to the market very quickly, which often happens to those that are “late to the party”. This being late to the party is often an advantage to manufacturers as they can catch up quickly, as well it is good for the market to have healthy competition in every facet. 

As Feisol is manufactured in Taiwan, they hold themselves to a higher manufacturing standard than Chinese made products. Feisol’s cost of production is higher than Chinese made tripods as Taiwan has a higher cost of living, and often Taiwanese manufacturers have a better quality control system in place. So with the cost of living being higher in Taiwan the cost of wages is increased. Therefore the cost of the products goes up. 

On the topic of pricing, as a general rule with Feisol tripods they may be a few percentage points more expensive than competing Chinese manufactured products if not right at the same price point. This price competitiveness is achieved through lower margins for the manufacturer, the distributor and the retailer. Which hardly makes sense as it is a superior product, but everyone is at the mercy of what you the consumer will pay (no hard feelings :))

Let’s touch on the Feisol carbon fiber components. Feisol consistently updates and improves their carbon fiber methods, keeping up with the rapid rate of innovation in this field. Feisol would be one of the leaders in the carbon fiber portion of their tripods as after all that is how they started out, beginning carbon fiber manufacturers for other companies. This consistent and constant upgrading and change leads to higher costs compared to those that nail a method and stick with it for the rest of time. Feisol is always trying and examining alternate methods in the carbon fiber world to better their products which leads to a higher overall cost per product. 

We hope this gives you a little more information on the manufacturer Feisol. Now as we always do we will back off and let you decide if Feisol is the brand you wish to use! :)