GoPro Accessories for Skiing and Snowboarding - How much are they?

GoPro Accessories for Skiing and Snowboarding - How much are they?

Brian Mathers

Well, if you have landed on this article you are most likely looking for some sort of gadget that you can use to capture footage with your GoPro while skiing or snowboarding. We are going to go through a few different options available and then we will back off and let you decide what will work for you! Sounds reasonable right!?!?

Ok let's jump in, the accessories we are going to cover for using a GoPro while skiing and snowboarding are, hand held, strap on/clamp on, and stick on.

Kicking it off with handheld GoPro Accessories for skiing and snowboarding. You can use a standard foldable tripod that attaches to your GoPro, this will act as a simple handle to hold onto while you rip off those jumps or speed down the hill. The biggest problem we see with this is that as soon as you crash (if you crash) or you hit something hard, like landing from a jump, the chances of your GoPro flying out of your hand are pretty high. Although this is an economical way of getting footage it is not always the best. If your GoPro didn’t come with a tripod that you can use for this, then you can expect to pay as little as $20.00 and up. 

Moving on to the strap on GoPro Accessories that can be used for skiing and snowboarding. The main strap on accessories would be the head/helmet and chest straps. These fasten around your head, or your chest and hold the GoPro secure to your body. These are good, and popular with many people as it gets the GoPro out of your hand and allows you to focus on boarding or skiing. The downside we see with this option is that if you are to fall, the chances of having a GoPro bruise tattoo are pretty high. But then again who doesn't want a nice GoPro bruiser on their chest or forehead! Of course if you are wearing a helmet you don't have to worry about the bruise factor. These head/chest straps can come by themselves or in a kit, generally pricing starts at the $20.00 mark as well for something decent. 

The next strap on GoPro accessory we are going to cover for skiing and/or snowboarding is the hand/wrist strap. These are often quite useful and catch a pretty neat angle of the ride down. A few things to consider before purchasing a wrist or hand strap is, can you adjust the GoPro to the correct angle? Will it fit over your glove/mit/winter coat? Usually these guys are water proof so a good GoPro accessory to concider. These can range in price but will generally start around the $15.00 mark.

The final strap on/clamp on GoPro accessory only applies to skiing. It is a GoPro Mount for a ski pole. This is a simple clamp that will attach to your ski pole without damaging it. One thing to concider is the wieght that it will add to the ski pole, if you are ok with this (it may take some getting used to) then you are golden. These guys around around the $10.00 - $15.00 mark. 

Moving on to the stick on GoPro accessories for snowboarding and skiing. There are two main categories we will cover for you. First is the GoPro mounts that stick to your helmet, second is the mounts that stick to your board. The biggest word of caution or advice we can provide is make sure that the adhesive is rated for cold temperatures and moisture. There are many many GoPro mounts out there that will work great when it is sunny and a cool breeze blowing through the willow trees. But when you throw some negative temperatures and moisture at it, will it hold up?  

Starting with the GoPro mounts that will stick to your skiing or snowboarding helmet. These come in many shapes and sizes. There are some that stick directly to your helmet and you fasten your GoPro directly to the helmet. Others have a quick release, so you have a plate that you mount to your helmet and then you fasten your GoPro to the quick release potion that then fits into the plate mounted to the helmet. Some of these GoPro mounts have a “neck” or adjustments on them so that you can mount it further out or closer to your helmet or get an angle that isn't normally possible with a standard mount. These guys start around the $10.00 mark and go up from there. 

The second part is the GoPro mounts for snowboarding and/or skiing that mount directly to your board or skis. These give a very interesting perspective as they are very close to the ground, often providing the raw and rough feeling as they reflect every bump as you cruise. If you are going this route we would suggest that you ensure your GoPro is mounted with a secondary line attached in case it does come off of the primary mount. As the camera is mounted away from your general focus you may not notice that it has come loose or was knocked off by a branch or pile of snow you just sizzled through. These units start around $20.00 and go up from there. 

We hope this quick read gave you some insight into what is on the market. There are many other GoPro accessories for skiing and snowboarding but we see these as some of the most practical and popular options. 

As promised we are backing away and letting you decide! :)