GoPro Accessories for Dogs and how much do they cost?

GoPro Accessories for Dogs and how much do they cost?

Brian Mathers

So you most likely have a GoPro Camera, and you are thinking to yourself how do I mount this thing to my dog to get some awesome footage?

Well, lets go over what is on the market and then we will back away and let you decide which GoPro mount will work best for your dog. :)

In reality there is only one option to attach your GoPro to your dog, and that is with a harness. You may be able to find other options out there but for the sake of you, your dog, and the GoPro we suggest sticking with a harness.

Now, under the harness umbrella there are quite a few different options. There are simple straps, there are harnesses with leashes attached, there are harnesses with a plastic or metal plate to spread the weight of your GoPro on your dog's back. 

We are going to insert our opinion here…we know we know…but just hear us out! We would suggest a GoPro harness for your dog that has straps and a cloth/fabric or rubber piece that the GoPro mounts to. There are a few reasons for this. 1. The fabric or cloth generally provided a buffer between the gopro mount and your dog's fur/skin. 2. These are normally more secure. 3. They are generally stronger than a harness with only straps.

Now that we got that out of the way, we are hoping that you can still form your own opinion on what will work best for your dog, as you will need to consider its size, where the straps may dig into it if incorrectly fitted ect. We trust we are both on the same page that we are not interested in hurting your dog but simply catching some footage from an interesting vantage point. That can totally be done with a good quality GoPro dog harness. 

Now for the price of a good GoPro dog harness. You can find them for as little as $15.00, and up to $30.00 + depending on how large and fancy you are wanting to get. 

Short and sweet but we hope these few points help you find a GoPro Mount for your Dog. Now we will back off and let you decide! 

P.S. we inserted our opinion in this one as we want to ensure your dog is not going to be harmed! :)