GoPro 10 Accessories – Where to purchase and how much are they?

GoPro 10 Accessories – Where to purchase and how much are they?

Brian Mathers

You have most likely recently purchased or have been given a GoPro 10 or are interested in purchasing one if you have landed on this article. The first thing that springs to our mind when it come to GoPro camera’s is how much is it going to cost you and where can you purchase all these accessories to do all the things you are interested in…well let us help out. In this article we are going to cover some of the most common GoPro 10 Accessories in the market, give you ball park pricing and then we are going to back away and let you decide what you need! 😊 Sounds good?!?! Ok lets jump in…

Quick over view of the GoPro Accessories we are going to cover:

  1. Protection
  2. Selfie stick/gimbal/tripods
  3. Mounts
  4. Accessory Packages

Before we jump into the details, what we have found in general in the market is the GoPro branded products are often more expensive then the knock offs. We are not pushing you one way or the other but if your budget is tight we would suggest that you look at non GoPro branded accessories. This is for two reasons. Number 1, often times non GoPro branded products are cheaper. Number 2, GoPro is back ordered on many of their products so getting your hands on the products you want is often difficult and we think it will be a problem until the world transportation issues get resolved or improve but that is a whole other subject we are not touching on today! 😊

Protection for your GoPro or GoPro 10 Camera. The most common protection for your GoPro is from bumps, falls, and accidents. These come in stretchy rubber covers, hard plastic covers that clip together, soft plastic, you name it you can get. We see this as some of the most important protection for your GoPro camera. This is since we are all human and we all drop, bump, or mishandle items at some point. For a decent protective cover, you can expect to pay from $15.00 – $50.00. The reason for the price range is that some covers are simply to offer a bit of protection against drops, others protect the screen and lens, the more expensive ones will offer a waterproof barrier.

Screen/Lens protection is also important. You can get screen films around the $15.00 - $20.00 mark for your GoPro screens much like a phone screen protector. You can get them for your lens as well. We find that if the lens covers are not installed correctly and not kept 100% clean you can end up with distorted or blurry photos/videos which nobody wants so just keep in mind that lens protectors are not maintenance free.

Selfie sticks and gimbals for your GoPro. We wanted to discuss this one as we see a lot of companies marketing selfie sticks/gimbals/tripods that are GoPro specific. We don’t want to paint the whole industry with a broad brush, we are simply wanting to bring it to your attention that many of these selfie sticks/gimbals/tripods that are GoPro specific are often overpriced/have inflated prices. The market is bearing this as you the consumer understand that there is a premium price with GoPro products. Many of you are prepared to pay this which is fine and we are not here to judge. We are wanting to share a little hack that may help you save a few bucks. You can purchase any selfie stick/gimbal/tripod that is designed for a standard camera and simply add a $5.00 adapter from the ¼” stud on the selfie stick/gimbal/tripod to your GoPro. Now…you do need to be careful that what ever you are purchasing can handle the weight of the GoPro and the adapter. These adapters can change how the tripod/gimbal/selfie stick was supposed to originally work. As well the adapters can come undone through vibrations and general use so please ensure they are done up tightly so your GoPro doesn’t fall off while ripping off a jump on your snowboard! 😊 With these adapters we would suggest purchasing a metal adapter or high-quality plastic adapter. There are many knock offs on the market so please please do a little research before purchasing the adapter to make sure the reviews are good ect. Our point is…in many cases you can purchase a tripod/selfie stick/gimbal that is not GoPro specific, add an adapter and still be cheaper then purchasing a GoPro specific accessory.

Mounts, GoPro mounts, mounts, mounts, mounts…there are GoPro mounts for everything these days. There are clamp mounts, sticky mounts, tie on mounts, Velcro mounts, strap on mounts, screw on mounts….you get the point?!?! There is almost every kind of GoPro Camera mount you can think of. We don’t have much to say on this other then you are always safe to read the review before you purchase. Non GoPro branded mounts are often a little or a lottle (between little and a lot!) more money.

A few notes of caution on the sticky mounts, you can expect a little bit of glue or adhesive residue to stay one what ever surface you are sticking to. We found the best way to get it off is using glue gone. Please follow the do’s and do nots of glue gone before using it! Please don’t use it on your grandmas favorite sofa…it may ruin the sofa and your relationship with Grandma! I guess the bigger question is why are you mounting a GoPro to your Grandma’s couch!?!? Any how you get the point!

Ok, last but not least, GoPro accessory packages. This seems to be a fairly trendy product in the market. You purchase 1 package with a ton of accessories. You use 5 maybe 6 of the pieces and put the rest in the closet until your cleaning up one day and they hit the bin. They are fun to tinker and play with no doubt, but before you sink the $40.00 - $150.00 into a package maybe step back and analyze what you are going to use the GoPro for…we are not stopping anyone from purchasing one of these kits. They often have spare parts that are often lost or broken so from that stand point they can save the day, but keep in mind how much extra you are paying for a bunch of things you will probably never use. Unless you are planning to go do all of the sports and terrains in 1 year we do not necessarily for see the need for the large misc packages of GoPro Accessories. Our little tid bit of advice would be to purchase the accessories you need or are planning to need so that you get to choose the style and quality that fits what you need. Again, we are not saying nobody should purchase the kits…hope you can understand our point of view! 😊

Hope you enjoyed the read! Now we will back off and let you decide what you need. We hope that we provoked some thoughts on GoPro Accessories.