Essential Gear For Mobile Photography

Essential Gear For Mobile Photography

Brian Mathers

Photography has evolved significantly over the years. No longer do we spend hours in a dark room to develop photos; we turn to a digital camera and process photos in Adobe Lightroom. As the mobile industry evolves too, many people are turning to smartphones as a medium for taking excellent photos. An estimated 85% of photographs in the modern day are taken using a smartphone camera. Even professionals are turning to smartphones, with about 13% of professional photographers using their mobile phone’s camera to capture shots.

While it’s possible to capture great photos with some of the latest smartphone cameras, the phone itself may not give you the best results. With the addition of a few accessories, you can greatly expand your possibilities. Let’s take a look at some of the most essential gear you need to perfect your mobile photography.

Phone Stabilizer



With a smartphone in your pocket, it’s easy to capture those rare moments quickly. Unfortunately, once you scroll through the shots, you start to notice they are blurry - all because of poor stability. To improve the outcome of your shots, consider equipping your arsenal with a phone stabilizer. This is a portable device that keeps your phone steady, even if you have shaky hands.

The Phone Stabilizer features a professional design with a built-in four-axis gimbal system. The device also has a built-in gyroscope stabilizer that uses a three-axis system for enhanced efficiency. The elongated handle gives you the ability to easily adjust the angle of the shot while also ensuring you have an easy view on the display of your smartphone. The stabilizer provides support for up to 4kg, making it compatible with all mobile phones that are currently on the market.

The included carry bag makes it easier to carry the phone stabilizer with you at all times.

Fisheye Lens Pack


While your smartphone may feature its own built-in filters, these cannot reproduce the same effects as a separate lens on a digital camera. This is where the Fisheye Lens Pack becomes a useful option. If you are looking to take shots with a panoramic effect, then a fisheye lens is an essential accessory.

Fisheye lenses are versatile. This pack provides lenses that feature a full 180-degree angle, which helps to enhance coverage while still giving you that unique visual distortion. These lenses are exceptionally easy to use, as they simply hook onto your smartphone's camera. The kit comes with two lenses. One Of these lenses features a wide-angle design with a two-in-one functionality, while the other one offers a unique macro photography effect. The lenses are compatible with smartphone cameras that have a lens diameter of 13mm or smaller. UHD optic glass is used in the construction of the lenses, which offers enhanced clarity in your photos. The universal clip makes it easier to install the lens on your phone.

Multipurpose 5-in-1 Lens Kit


While a fisheye lens can be useful, it may not meet every requirement of your photography sessions. If this is your situation, you may want to look at a universal solution. The Apexel 4K HD Mobile Phone 5-in-1 Camera Lens Kit comes with five different lenses and features a universal fit for different smartphones. The kit is great for photographs that are taken at a close range, for shots that need a warped feel, and for photos that require a more dramatic effect.

The addition of a hard carry case helps to provide superior protection for the lenses that you get in this kit. The portable size also means it’s easy to fit all five lenses into a bag or even your pocket. Macro, telephoto, and wide-angle lenses can be found in the kit, which gives you a greater level of flexibility when taking shots with a smartphone.

Wireless Charging Bank


The last thing you want is to run into a dead battery just when the opportunity for that perfect shot arrives. Even though smartphone batteries are improving, there are still limitations in battery life. This especially becomes a concern if you frequently use your smartphone, apart from photography purposes.

A wireless charging bank can help you keep your smartphone’s battery charged, allowing you to worry less about running out of battery power the moment you want to take that perfect shot. The 20,000 mAh capacity of the power bank means you’ll be able to charge your phone multiple times. The addition of wireless charging technology also helps to reduce the need for cords.

Wireless Selfie Stick


Let's face it - sometimes we want to set up the camera to portrait mode and take a shot of ourselves. Whether you want a selfie of yourself or your family, a selfie stick can be exceptionally useful. With a wireless selfie stick, there’s no need to worry about reaching for the capture button on your smartphone. Instead, a built-in button on the stick allows you to activate the capture function without physically interacting with your phone. These selfie sticks come in black and pink colors, ensuring your preferences are also perfectly matched when carrying photography accessories with you. The Bluetooth technology also offers universal compatibility for the selfie stick.


Mobile phones are becoming not only smarter but also more powerful as technologies evolve. Higher resolution cameras with enhanced sensors now offer photographers an opportunity to capture shots using these portable devices. With the right gear, mobile photography can yield professional-quality photos. If you're not sure where to start, take a look at the gear we shared.