Essential Gear For Long-Distance Photography

Essential Gear For Long-Distance Photography

Brian Mathers


Photography has evolved over the years, and with the introduction of digital cameras, the opportunities for photos and editing are now endless. While there was already a year-to-year increase in camera sales, the figures started to gain exceptional growth ever since the year 2000. Research shows that people only remember an estimated 10% of information over a period of three years - which can sometimes include important memories. Grabbing a smartphone or DSLR camera to capture those moments results in a picture that lasts forever.

When aiming to capture the perfect shots at a longer distance, whether that consists of a goal scored in a sporting event or an animal running in its natural environment, things tend to be a bit harder. With the right gear for long-distance photography, your task of capturing the perfect shot becomes much easier.

Camera Stabilizer

While there are many elements that make a great photo, stability is often considered one of the most important. An unstable hand is likely to cause blurry spots on the photo. When capturing a moving subject at a distance, you only get one chance, after all. Even though many modern cameras come with a built-in image stabilizer function, this may sometimes not be enough.

This is where the Pro Cam Stabilizer Gimbal comes in. This compact device focuses on providing a significant enhancement in photography stability. The gear is small enough to fit in your camera bag yet powerful enough to mount larger types of DSLR cameras. The device uses counterweights to help add a better balance, which also assists in reducing the amount of vibration your camera experiences during photography or video recording sessions.


This particular gear can also be extended with a smartphone mount, which is great for people who take photos with their mobile phones.

Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

Samsung recently announced its plans to build the world's most impressive camera sensor in a smartphone. Known as the Isocell HP1, this 200MP camera will set records around the world. Smartphone manufacturers are increasingly looking at ways to bring better photography to mobile devices - and many of these camera sensors can now compete with more professional equipment.

Smartphone photography has become a trending topic. Even some professionals are turning to their smartphones to capture in-the-moment shots. One report shows that about 85% of photographs captured in 2017 were taken with a smartphone. When it comes to long-distance photos, a smartphone's camera might just not be up to the task - particularly due to the fact that we cannot exchange the lens.

With a high-quality lens kit for your smartphone, however, the tables can quickly turn. The Apexel 4K HD Mobile Phone 5-in-1 Camera Lens Kit provides a versatile system that can be used to achieve different results with your smartphone camera.


The kit includes different lenses, each with its own purpose. This includes the following:

  • 195-degree Fisheye lens
  • 170 degree Super Wide Angle lens
  • 2x Zoom Telephone Lens
  • 110 degree Wide Angle lens
  • And more

The lens kit can be used with a variety of smartphones, including Samsung and Apple iPhone models.

A Protective Lens Bag

When it comes to long-distance photography, there are a few different lenses that you may need to experiment with before you get the perfect shot. The specific lens will depend on the distance of your subject. When going outside to take those shots, you need to keep your lenses safe and protected - these are expensive pieces of equipment that play a major role in the outcome of your sessions.

With the Heavy Duty Lens Bag, you get to store up to six different lenses at a time.


The kit features a seven-piece set. This includes one large bag that can store all of your lenses. Additionally, the set also comes with a series of individual bags, each providing sufficient storage space for a single lens. The dual protection helps to provide enhanced safety for the lenses you’ll be taking with you.

Shoulder Sling

If you are going out into nature for a photography session or attending a sports event, you'll find yourself with a need to have quick reactions - this way; you'll be able to capture a perfect shot, even at a distance. This is where ease-of-access comes into mind.

The Multi-Camera Double Shoulder Sling System is an ideal addition to your outing. This system can hold two cameras at the front of your body, giving you much faster access - compared to having to take the camera out of a bag first.


Apart from providing faster access to two cameras at the same time, you'll also find that the system adds extra security to your devices. The hooks allow you to attach the strap system to your cameras, which avoids falls - even if the camera slips out of your hand.

Smartphone Tripod

If you prefer to take your long-distance snaps with a smartphone, a tripod still plays an important part in providing enhanced stability for your photos. This is where the Mini Flexible Tripod Of Mobiles can be a useful addition to your arsenal.


The mini structure of the tripod means it won’t take up much space, even if your camera gear bag is already somewhat filled up. The flexible legs make it easy to adjust the angle and level of the tripod. You can easily mount different smartphones on the mount - and it is great for both close and distant photographs.


It is a well-known fact that capturing photos at a longer range from the subject takes more precision and a steady hand. Whether looking to capture wildlife photos or a shot of your kid scoring a goal, with a few pieces of gear in your bag, you can get shots that will create lasting memories forever. Try out the equipment and gear we shared in this post to help improve the outcome of your long-distance photos.