Does Leofoto Have Mini Tripods and How Much Do They Cost?

Does Leofoto Have Mini Tripods and How Much Do They Cost?

Anamika Hossain

Photographers, especially beginners, often have a mini tripod. Compact tripods come as a freebie for entry-level cameras. It is even included on some smartphone purchases.

Tabletop tripods are small enough to be used anywhere. You can carry it in your pocket and bring it out whenever needed. The size makes it perfect for bringing whenever a full-sized tripod is not ideal. It does not take too much space in a camera bag too, which is nice.

Leofoto brings you seven mini tripods which can help you keep your camera stable and avoid blurry shots due to unsteadiness and shake. The premium quality mini tripods will never let you down and you will have a fantastic photographic experience. 

Leofoto presents two series of mini tripods which are the MT Series and the LS Series. The mini tripods costs between $40.00 USD to $200.00 USD. This price includes delivery and warranty.

Lets take a look at the features of the mini tripods. 


Starting with the Leofoto Camo MT-01+LH-25 Head Table Top Tripod Kit. This mini tripod comes with LH-25 Ballhead. The price of this mini tripod is $80.00 USD. Made with Aluminum of aircraft quality. Anodized Finish, CNC Machined Mini Tripod, Mini Ball Head, QR Plate, and Carry Case are included in the kit. Legs are made of solid aluminum and have rubber feet. With the included 4mm Allen Wrench, you can adjust the leg tension. It also comes with a custom neoprene case.

Next is the Leofoto MT-02 mini tripod which comes with LH-25/MBH-19 Ball head. The price of the mini tripod is $45.50 USD. The MT-02+LH-25 tripod kit costs $95.00 USD and the MT-02+MBH-19 tripod kit costs $89.00 USD

The Leofoto MT-02 mini tripod is a lightweight table tripod composed of black anodized aluminum for long-lasting performance. This little but sturdy mini tripod folds up easily and provides optimum convenience. The high-quality aluminum tripod weighs only 144 grams when fully unfolded yet can support up to 5 kg of weight and includes three-angle adjustable legs. A good all-around tripod with a small footprint.

Next up is Leofoto MT-02C+LH-22 Mini Traveler Tabletop Tripod with Ball Head kit. Comes in five stunning colors which are Black, Camo, Olive Green, Wood and Blue. The price of these mini tripods ranges from $79.95 USD to $95.95 USD

The legs' pull and fix system allows for three different leg angles: 30-degree, 60-degree, and 85-degree. The low-profile ball head includes a plate. The 108g tripod with 105g ball head are made to support compact DSLRs and mirrorless cameras weighing up to 12 lbs. Cameras will attach to the head via its 1/4" thread "Mount at -20 degrees. The support folds to a compact 213mm to put in your camera bag. 15 mm tube diameter Height when folded: 211mm 85 mm is the minimum height. 200 mm is the maximum height. 213 g (about) 5 kilogram maximum load 1/4" mounting screw ".

Next is Leofoto MT-03 Spider Folding Table POCKET Mini Tripod. The price of this tripod is $79.00 USD. The tripod comes with two available heads which are LH-25 and MBH-15 mini ball heads. The prices are $139.00 USD and $99.00 USD respectively. 
The Leofoto Pocket Mini Tripod MT-03 is a small table tripod with foldable legs that give you a lot of flexibility in how you set it. The tripod is composed of anodized aluminum, which is also used on airplanes and is lightweight but strong. The MT-03 is only 20cm long and weighs 280 grams with the ball head, making it an ideal travel tripod. You can unfold the two-section legs and the tripod can adopt different kinds of flexible postures for maximum results while using the spider mode. Multiple extras, such as lights or microphones, can be attached to the MT-03 thanks to the various mounting holes on the legs.

Next is the Leofoto LS-223CEX Table/ Ground Mini Carbon Tripod with Leveling BaseThe price of tis tripod is $149.00 USD

The lightweight and durable LS-223CEX Ranger Series Carbon Fiber Tabletop Tripod from Leophoto differs from other Ranger Series carbon fiber tripods due to its incorporated leveling base. Offering a maximum of ±15° of tilt, the leveling base feature makes this tripod suitable for videoconferencing, low perspective, and panoramic photography. The tripod head can be adjusted for horizontal orientation after the tripod has been positioned for the shot without having to individually adjust the legs.
Leveling Base for Tripod Heads Adjust the tripods 50mm half ball base -/+ 15° horizontally without having to adjust the tripod legs after they have been positioned. Independent Leg Spread Each leg opens independently to 25-, 55-, or 85° for selecting tripod height or leveling on uneven terrain.

Last but not least is the Leofoto LS-362C + LH-40 Professional Carbon Fiber Table / Ground Tripod & Ball Head Set. The price of this tripod set is $339.00 USD

Capacity for Loading 45 kg / 99.2 pound 14.6" (37.1 cm) maximum working height Working Height Requirement: 2.8" / 7.1 cm Yes Dimensions Bubble Level 10.6" / 26.9 cm L (Folded) Material(s)Aluminum Alloy, Carbon Fiber 1.29 kg / 2.84 pound Legs Screw Mounting Male Leg Lock 3/8"-16 Leg Twist Lock Positions Independent Leg Spread in 3 Positions Leg Sections are correct. 2 Leg Diameter: 1.42" (36 mm) (Maximum) Features of the Feet Spiked, removable rubber.

This ends the journey of introduction for the mini tripods, now we will step back and give you the time to choose your proffered mini tripod.