Are there GoPro Motorcycle Accessories and how much are they?

Are there GoPro Motorcycle Accessories and how much are they?

Brian Mathers

You are most likely looking at your GoPro Camera in your hand and asking your self how the heck do I use this thing while riding?!?! Well, we are here to go over a few of the mounts available as well as costs and then back off and let you decide which one(s) is best for you!

The main GoPro accessories or mounts that we are going to cover are, clamp on, stick on, and strap on.

Starting with clamp on. You can get standard GoPro accessory mounts that will clamp on the handlebar, wind shield, or frame of your bike. These are fairly reliable, although if they are not installed correctly and then bumped the wrong way they can come off and you can wish your GoPro luck as it pounds some pavement. You will find that the GoPro mounts that have a screw clamp are usually more sturdy and secure. Most mounts with a spring clamp are great if you are not driving, but as soon as the bike starts bumping down the road the spring clamps like to move and sometimes come off! ☹ You can expect to pay $20.00 and up for a decent screw clamp or spring clamp GoPro mount for your motor cycle.

The Stick on GoPro mounts for your motorcycle are also available. You can stick them on the wind shield, gas tank, frame, helmet ect. Normally speaking the adhesive or sticky part of the mount is quite reliable if applied properly. The one downside to using an adhesive is that if you ever want to remove the mount it can sometimes leave a residue or sticky surface. This can sometimes be removed with Goo Gone but be careful that the surface you are cleaning can withstand Goo Gone! Other then having trouble with removing the mount they are normally very reliable and pretty adaptable. The surface doesn’t always have to be perfectly flat or smooth as long as you have the correct mount and adhesive you should not have a problem. Some stick mounts do have a secondary lanyard or connection point just in case the first one does let go, this is a good safety measure but not always necessary depending on the stick on GoPro mount you choose. These stick on mounts can start as low as $10.00 and range up to $30.00 + depending on how large and fancy you are going.

Finally the strap on mounts for GoPro camera’s. Typically speaking the strap on mounts are used to mount GoPro camera’s to your body. This is the typical use…if you want to get creative and don’t want to risk scratching your motor bike with a clamp or stick on GoPro mount, then you can potentially use a strap on mount. If you get creative you can strap them around you wind shield, or frame ect depending on how your bike is made. The one thing to keep in mind with the straps is that once they get caught in the wind, if they are not tight they may vibrate and move which can cause some damage to the motor bike. To play it safe we would suggest using the strap on mounts as they were intended for your body! These guys start around the $10.00 mark and go up from there.

We hope you were able to get some direction out of this read! Now we will back away and let you decide! 😊