Are there GoPro Accessories for Hunting and Fishing and How much do they cost?

Are there GoPro Accessories for Hunting and Fishing and How much do they cost?

Brian Mathers

You are most likely looking to catch a killer shot (no pun intended 😊) of your next meal as it is being caught or shot. We know the feeling! There are GoPro Accessories for hunting and fishing. We will go over a few options as well as the prices for the GoPro accessories that we feel are useful when it comes to hunting and fishing. Then we will back off and let you decide what will work best for you!

You will notice in the market that most GoPro branded products are usually more than the non-GoPro branded products that can often accomplish the same thing. We are not for a moment trying to sway you to purchase the GoPro Branded products or non-GoPro branded products. We are simply wanting to bring it to front of mind that you can often find GoPro accessories for hunting and fishing that are non-GoPro branded for less money, therefore making your dollar go a little further. You will need to be careful though as there are many many cheap garbage knock offs that will make you wish that you purchased the genuine brand from the start. We suggest that you check out reviews on the products and see what people are saying before purchasing one.

Anyhow lets quickly go over the products we are going to cover:

  1. Head/Chest mounts
  2. Gun Mounts
  3. Fishing Rod Mounts
  4. Tripods

Starting with the head and chest mounts. These are typically straps that go around your head or chest much like a miner’s lights or hard hat light would mount on your head or around you chest. These are quite practical as it gets the camera out of your hands. The chest mount does not always work the best for hunting/shooting if you are laying down or leaning against something to steady your shot. The chest strap mount can offer an interesting viewpoint for most other positions when shooting or fishing.

The head mount is our favorite as it gives the next closest view being they’re in person. This is because you can mount the camera quite low on your head, so it is just a few inches above your eyes which gives the viewer of the photos and/or videos a feeling of being at the spot and seeing it with their own eyes. We favor this one for two reasons, it gives a realistic view, and it keep the camera up and out of the way for most activities. The two down sides are that the camera weight can start to make your head sore if worn for two long. Second downside is that your head moves quite a bit without you thinking much about it, this can affect the quality of the picture/video as well the mount can slowly change as the time wears on due to the active movement of your head. The head strap mounts are around the $20.00 – $30.00 mark. Depending on the head mount/strap system you can mount it to a tree and suddenly your GoPro is doubling as a trail cam or a different viewpoint as you wait to catch that fish or get that perfect shot!

There are a few types of gun mounts for GoPro cameras. The main ones are clamp on. These mounts clamp to the barrel of the gun and can be mounted to the side or bottom of the barrel…you could mount to the top of the barrel if you don’t use your sights for shooting. 😊 There are a few strap on options. We do not see the strap on options as reliable as every time you’re firing your weapon the straps can allow the camera to move slightly. When it comes to gun mounts, we suggest getting one with the least amount of adjustments as over time every one of your adjustments will change with every shot of the gun. This means not only do you have to focus on your target you have to focus on making sure the camera is set up 100% between every shot. Not ideal hey!?!? Keep in mind you can always use a clamp mount for other sports and activities. These clamp mounts for GoPro camera's run around the $50.00 mark for a decent quality clamp. 

The GoPro mounts and accessories for fishing are much the same as the gun mounts for the clamps and strap on versions ect. Again, we would suggest you use a clamp mount that you can adjust the tension on to fit your fishing rod. If you are only fishing you can get away with having a few more adjustments on your mount as the motion of a fishing rod is less vigorous then the sudden jolt of a gun firing.

The GoPro accessories that are different for fishing then are hunting are the floats or buoys that you can attach your GoPro Camera to. These will hold your GoPro just below the waters surface offering an incredible view if the water is clear that you will not be able to see from the surface. You can get fairly inexpensive handles that are floats for your GoPro camera for around $15.00 – $20.00. If you want a more stable float you can expect to pay up to $75.00. These floats often have more then one buoy and hold the camera in a steadier position. Keep in mind you will need to fasten these floats with string or tie them off, so your GoPro does go adrift while you are focusing on your fishing.

The last GoPro accessory we are going to cover for fishing is a dome or half globe cover for your GoPro Camera. These units are great as they create a barrier between the water and your GoPro lens. They offer pretty amazing photos and videos of half in the water and half out. A standard GoPro lens will not show well if you are half in the water and half out, they often have a blurred line at the waters surface. The dome eliminates this. The dome can be fixed part way I the water close to shore, or on the side of the boat just at the water line to get a video/photos of above and below the water. Keep in mind that if the lens of the dome is scratched or damaged this will affect the quality of your videos/photos.

Tripods for GoPro cameras have their spot in the hunting/shooting and fishing world. There are many tripods that are GoPro specific. A hack that we like to share is that you can save some money by purchasing a standard camera tripod, and a GoPro adapter for the tripod rather then a GoPro specific tripod you now have a tripod that works with regular cameras as well as your GoPro. Tripods range from $25.00 (or less) for a very basic and low-quality tripod all the way up to several hundred $$$. A GoPro adapter for the standard tripod is between $5.00 - $10.00. Depending on how serious you want to get and how much money you want to invest, you shouldn’t have to spend more then $200.00 USD for a decent quality tripod that will last a long time and has multiple adjustments so you can set it up on what ever terrain needed.

We hope this was a helpful read. We will do what we promised at the beginning and back away now, letting you decide what will work for you! 😊