Top 5 Tips & Accessories To Capture The Perfect Wedding Photos

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Top 5 Tips & Accessories To Capture The Perfect Wedding Photos

Wedding photography has become an extremely popular niche of photography.  Being a wedding photography requires high expectations, dedication and talent.  Having the right equipment is crucial in order to create the sharpest, most pleasing, and well-lit images.  People want to be captured in the finest way possible on their wedding day. 

In order to make this happen you will want to be sure you have the correct equipment in the following areas: lenses, lighting, memory cards, tripods, and camera storage.

It goes without saying that you need top notch cameras, but what people often overlook is that the camera is only as good as its lens.  You will want to be sure to have multiple lenses. 


A wide angle lens is a must to be able to capture the big group photos such as the huge wedding party or family that your clients have. 

Lighting is another important part of photography and makes a big impact on the quality of your images.  Most wedding pros will pack multiple flash units in order to be fully prepared.


One unit you should definitely pack is a speedlight flash with LCD display.  Many times reception rooms are super dark. This flash has a wireless trigger sensor and will allow you to shoot back to back shots. 

Another useful flash is the LED ring flash, which includes diffusers and lens adapters that allow you to create close to natural light and seven layers of luminance status. 

You may also want to pack a backup flash battery pack in order to allow your flash to recycle much faster.  You don’t want to miss the perfect shot waiting on your flash.

Memory Cards

Make sure you have enough memory cards to make it through the entire day.  Wedding photography doesn’t just begin when the wedding march starts many times it begins much earlier with wedding prep and lasts long into the evening grabbing shots at the reception or after party. 

Not only will your memory cards need to endure the day, but your arms will too.  You will want to be prepared with multiple tripods as well as camera gear that will help you endure a long day of wedding photos.


You will not only need tripods for your cameras, you will also want to consider light stands in case lighting is super bad and you need to add additional lighting. 

Studio Multifunctional Light Stand Tripods will be helpful when adding additional lighting. 

Some options for tripods include a portable tripod.  You will want to be sure and get the tallest one you can and the most lightweight since you’ll likely be dragging it around for hours. 

This is yet another reason you will want to have adequate storage for your equipment.  You’ll have a lot to keep up with so you want to have a place for everything. 


There are multiple options including:

A backpack carrying case that is perfect for your DSLR camera.

An easy access camera sling bag.

A heavy duty lens bag for your multiple lenses. 

A memory card wallet.

A roll up cable organizer.

A multi-camera carrier photographer vest

A non-slip hand strap

Any of these would be helpful to organizing, transporting to and surviving your full day wedding shoot.

Now that we’ve talked about the actual equipment that you need to capture the perfect wedding photos, you’ll also want to consider some of the dos and don’ts of wedding photography.

Do pre-plan.  Be sure to talk to your clients about shots that they don’t want to miss, what their expectations are and see that you attempt to get the shots that are important to them. 

Don’t miss the action.  For example, when the dancing begins set your shutter speeds high and don’t be afraid to get multiple shots by shooting continuously.

Do have an assistant.  Wedding photography is very intense and you will need help to make sure that you get the shots that you need to and that you are where you need to be when the perfect opportunity for a picture arises.  Have someone else there to do all the behind the scenes work. 

Don’t merely work from a list.  While a list is often good to make sure that you capture the shots the client wants you also don’t want to be afraid to get in the moment and capture the memories by being alert to what is going on around you. 

Do know the agenda.  You will want to be prepared for how the day will flow.  You need to know what is going to happen and when so that you are prepared to capture the perfect shot. 

Don’t skimp on batteries or memory cards.  As we talked about in the above list of important equipment.  The last thing you want to do is run out of space.

Do shoot a lot.  Always shoot more frames than you will need.  This will ensure that you have one good shot.  This is especially true with groups since it is so difficult to get everyone looking and smiling at the same time. 

Don’t shoot with unfamiliar gear.  If you get a new camera be sure to put it through the paces before the wedding day so that you are familiar with it.  The last thing you want to do is miss a shot because you aren’t sure how to work your camera.  You want to be able to work quickly. 

Do get up close.  Don’t be afraid to do so because your clients will thank you later especially when you capture an up-close image of their wedding kiss or the exchanging of rings or the grooms first look at his bride. 

Don’t be afraid to direct your subjects.  Many times, this will help you to get the perfect shot.  They will not be offended by your helping them to know where to stand.  Plus, it helps show that you are confident in your abilities. 

Do have fun.  Capturing such beautiful moments and memories can be a very gratifying project.  Don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself too.

With the combination of having the right equipment and following these informative dos and don’ts your first wedding shoot should be a success.