Top 4 Camera Bags For On-The-Go Photographers

Top 4 Camera Bags For On-The-Go Photographers

Robin Jones

A camera bag is a necessity for any photographer (amateur or professional). This is the place where you store, transport and access your camera equipment. Your DSLR (or mirrorless) body, lenses, cables, batteries etc.

We’ve chosen these bags mainly for their functionality, ease of use and travel comfort levels.

There are going to be different things you are going to require from a bag. Some might need a bag for travel in airports, while others just need an every day carry bag... In any case we've got you covered with one of the bags below.

For an event, you may need your laptop, as you can work on your images in the downtimes. We have tried to include a few options that are big enough to carry your main gear and a laptop.

The first bag on our list is the 'Mega-Capacity Multifunction Camera Bag w/Wheels'...

Our favorite feature with this bag is the portability it provides with wheels and a handle making it a breeze to navigate an airport without lugging around a huge bag.

We also love how this bag is designed to fit into the overhead space of an airplane making it not only easy to travel with but allowing photographers to keep all their (most important) gear nearby just in case good 'ol Delta decides to lose your luggage ('cause we all know that will never happen, right? :)  Here are a few specs for this bag:

  • Plenty of Space and Pockets
  • Holds 1-2 DLSR bodies + 4-7 lenses + more
  • Fits perfectly in airline overhead compartments
  • Water-Resistant, High-Performance Tech Fabric

Moving along to our next camera carrying bag is the 'Easy Access Camera Sling Bag'. It's lightweight and definitely holds it's own when it comes to storage capacity.

Our favorite feature on this bag is the 'easy access' compartment on the side making it incredibly convenient to grab your DSLR on the fly without having to dig through the bag or even put it down.

Here are a few of the key specs on this 'easy access camera sling bag':

  • Soft interior lining
  • Easy-access sling with color lining, compatible with most DSLR cameras
  • Holds DSLR camera body with attached lens and 1-2 additional lenses and accessories
  • Adjustable, padded dividers allow you to customize the camera compartment;
  • Three external pockets for accessories
  • One internal pocket for tablet, accessories
  • Comfortable adjustable shoulder strap

The next bag on our list is the 'All-Weather Deluxe Camera Backpack' chosen for it's high quality canvas material, lightweight design and large storage capacity. 

A perfect combination for photo gear and tablet, this was designed specifically for digital photographers. Photojournalists and location photographers will find it a great travel companion.

The backpack's reinforced construction,shock-absorbing closed-cell foam padding, and tough,water-resistant outer fabric protects contents from moisture and sudden impacts.

The patented All Weather Cover offers maximum protection from extreme weather conditions, dust and sand.

A quick-access hide-away Tripod Mount, SlipLock attachment loops and a number of laminated and zippered organizer pockets provide photographers with fast, easy access to equipment.

Rounding out our list is the 'Cameras Gear Storage Organizer Set', while this isn't exactly a 'bag' (in the truest definition) we found it an incredibly useful travel and storage accessory for on-the-go photographers.

It's 100% waterproof & shockproof, perfectly designed for DSLR and photography accessories like lenses, iPad, Laptop, Power cables and more. Each organizer comes with velcro dividers making it super easy to configure the inside compartments however one desires.

A great camera bag for travel (and on-the-go) photographers will be defined by several features that will make or (literally) break your equipment (ouch). Photographers must consider aspects like material, size/weight, capacity, discreteness, security, and comfort in order to choose the right camera bag.

While not exhaustive the above list lays out several options for photographers who travel, shoot on the go or are just looking to carry some gear with them.