Top 10 'Must Have Pieces of Equipment for Beginner Photographers

Top 10 'Must Have Pieces of Equipment for Beginner Photographers

Nick Sooy

Top 10 must have pieces of equipment for beginner photographers

When you are just starting out in photography it can be quite overwhelming to know what camera gear you need and what you can do without. 

It seems like there's a million options (and it could cost an arm and a leg)... Do you need a tripod? What type of lense? Which camera? And on and on...

That’s why we would like to recommend the top 10 must have pieces of equipment for you, the beginner photographer to help you make sense of it all.


First things first, you will want to replace to lens that came in the kit with your camera with a better lens such as the YONGNUO 50MM.  This will give you a better photo quality, which you want to have from the very beginning of your photography journey. 

Plus having an extra lense in your lineup will ensure you're prepared for different photo op. situations.


Another item you will want to invest in is an external flash.  They can help you to create a look that will look natural and not like you even used a flash at all. 

Lighting can be one of the single most important factors in top quality photos so you'll definitely want to make sure this atop your list.


The best way to get a clean shot without any movement, especially at night is to use a remote with your camera on a tripod rather than trying to physically touch the camera to get the shot. 


If this is the case, the natural next piece of gear you would need would be a tripod.  A tripod provides more than just the opportunity to make sure that your shot with clean and not shaky, but it also gives you the opportunity to not have to carry quite as much weight all the time, in fact the more gear that you begin to accumulate the more you will need to be sure that your tripod is heavy duty and able to withstand the weight. 


Speaking of weight and gear, you will definitely need at least one bag maybe more to help you to transport your gear.  A sling bag is a great option if you walk around a lot with your camera because you can access your camera without taking the bag off of your back. 

This is one of those items that is very dependent on preferences and the type of photography you will be doing. 

If you're outdoors a lot or traveling then you'll definitely want something that is lightweight, waterproof and can hold all you gear. And all-weather waterproof camera bag may be just the right bag in this situation.

Or if you're indoors more often and don't need to carry lots of gear something like the sling bag or DSLR carrying bag should suit you just fine.


As previously mentioned, the weight of a camera and gear can get quite heavy, which can cause shoulder aches and pains, which is why you will also want to invest in a good strap.  You’ll want to be sure that you get one with plenty of padding and support and one that is a length that will be comfortable for you. 


Now that we’ve discusses some basic necessities, let’s consider some extras as well, such as a diffuser.  They are simple, yet important, without having to spend a lot of money.  A diffuser adds an additional functionality to your flash by adding a basic lightbox to the end of it.  This will soften the light on your subject.

Lens Cleaner

Another important extra that you will be surprised by how much you will use it is lens cleaner.  You will be surprised how quickly your lens will collect dust and fingerprints, which you never want to allow to get in the way of the perfect shot. 

Extra Batteries

This one should be a no brainer.  We all know that just when you’re getting started good a camera’s batteries will begin to go out and you will be caught in a lurch if you aren’t carrying extras.

Extra Memory Cards

The same is true for memory cards. You don’t just want to invest in one or two memory cards, if you are going to take your photography seriously you will want to have a backup for your backup.

We hope this list of 10 essentials will help you as you begin to collect the gear that you will need to begin your journey into photography.