Necessary Gear for any Food Photographer

Necessary Gear for any Food Photographer

Robin Jones

Necessary Gear for any Food Photographer

Food photography is more popular than ever, especially with as many food blogs as there are online today.  So, if you’re interested in beginning your own food blog or starting to photograph food for your already established blog, then you will need to know what equipment and gear you'll need to make it happen right?

Great!  That’s what we are here for . . .

It goes without saying that the first item that you will need is a camera, we recommend a DSLR.  But we've seen folks get started with an iPhone or smartphone so any of them will do. 

Extra Lenses

You won’t just want to use the lens that comes on your camera you will also want to be sure and have a couple of other sizes as well, including a 35mm and you could also invest in a 50mm as well.  This will give you some variety in your shots. 


If you’ve ever used a cheap tripod before you will know why I am going to advise you to invest a little more in a tripod than you might think that you should.  You will need to consider the amount of weight that you will need the tripod to hold up, including a tripod arm, lens and anything else you might want to attach. 

Tripod Arm

As I just mentioned, you might be adding the weight of a tripod arm onto your tripod, without a doubt you will because if you are going to tackle shooting food at a variety of angles you won’t be able to accomplish the task without a proper tripod arm. 


A remote can be an extremely handy item to have when photographing food.  This will allow you to essential shoot hands free.  You can set the photo up exactly how you want it to be, get it in the frame, step back and snap without moving anything. 

Tethering Cable

Though it may not sound like a good idea to have a cable attached to your camera, many food photographers prefer to do so because it puts your photos straight on your laptop or desktop for simple and efficient editing.  You will be able to see the images on a larger screen than your viewfinder and can skip the whole process of dealing with memory cards. 


You may not think about it, but you will likely run into the issue of needing to shoot photos after dark, so therefore you will not always have the natural light that you need when you are ready to photograph.  Therefore, investing in the proper lighting is important.  This light can even sometimes be softer and less harsh than natural light and allow you to do your job a little easier. 

Though I’m sure these are not all the items that you will need when you begin to photograph food, these are just some of the very essentials that will help you to get well on your way.